Freddy Kanyiki, a fibreglass engineer, boat builder and AUTO CAD technician leads the FreddyFibreglass studio. freddy kanyiki  has been in the steel and fiberglass industries for the past 10 years  and has numerous patents in these areas. He has expertise in composite materials, fiberglass, concretes, steel and other materials. He has also designed, built and constructed fiberglass structures, tanks and vessels and is familiar with any job, large or small

He with his skilled team he has handling projects from shipbuilding and repairs to manufacturing high-end products for retail stores.


Bachelor in entrepreneurship  – Protestant university of congo
Diploma in composite materials ( fibreglass engineering) – college of toronto
National certificate in boilermaking ( steel structures)- false bay college ( south africa)
Yacht design ( course in progress/ distance learning) – Westlawn college ( USA)

Freddy has established himself as one of the premier designer/builder/repairers of Fibreglass products in the Western Cape. So you can be sure of peace of mind whether your needs are lifestyle and personal or business.

Freddy’s work has ensured his customers see an increased value of their property and belongings making for endured enjoyment and long-lasting experiences.


But don’t take Freddy’s word for it. Here are what some people have said about Freddy’s work and related qualifications.